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Lambert, Eunice Imogene “Gene”

Born in San Jose, California, Gene Lambert is a descendant of the Navarre and Melot families. Her Potawatomi name is Memegwe, meaning “Butterfly Woman” or “One Who Sees Good in Others.” She now resides in Arizona after four years residency in North Dakota. Lambert has served as the legislator for District 5 since June 2008, the first elected representative for …

Land Runs

The Indian Territory land runs remain some of the most notable events in the state’s history. The six that took place between 1889 and 1895 helped pave the way to Oklahoma statehood in November of 1907. Many people associate them with a feeling of excitement in the air as pioneers and cowboys waited to claim their new property in uninhabited …

Lewis Family

One particular member of the Lewis family played an integral part in the establishment of what is present-day Wanette, Oklahoma. His children, with a member of the Bergeron family, would further establish the family’s roots in what would later become Pottawatomie County. Wesley Lewis was born April 22, 1838, near Asthabula, Ohio, to Sylvester and Anna (Smith) Lewis. When he …