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The Eagle is an integral part of our cultural lifeways and they are revered as warriors and messengers. Honoring that connection, the CPN Eagle Aviary offers a permanent home for injured Eagles that cannot be returned to the wild, while offering a space for ceremony and educational programs to reconnect our people to the living Eagle.


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The Potawatomi people consider eagles one of the most sacred animals on earth. Oral tradition teaches that eagles fly so high in the sky that they deliver messages and prayers to the Creator. As a sign of reverence, Potawatomi use eagle feathers in ceremony, while smudging and as a part of regalia. Eagles molt from mid-March to late September, and during this time, the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Eagle Aviary staff collects feathers at sunrise every day. They clean, smudge and sort them according to type and size before safely storing them in cedar cabinets, awaiting to fill CPN tribal members’ requests.

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Aviary FAQ

Call or text 405-863-5623, or email aviary@potawatomi.org to schedule a tour. Tours of the aviary are available Thursday through Saturday, by appointment only. We recommend booking as soon as you have a date that you would like to visit because days are limited.

Drop-in tours, or tours requested other than the days offered, are difficult to accommodate as a result of cleaning and maintenance schedules, off-site presentations, and days off for the Eagles already scheduled for the other days of the week.

Tours and onsite or offsite education presentations are always free, but we appreciate any donations and welcome you to visit our Citizen Potawatomi Gift Shop to show your support.

We welcome one individual to classroom-sized groups. We can easily accommodate 25-30 people per group in our office viewing and outdoor viewing area. We will work with you to accommodate larger groups, so don’t hesitate to call and we will work out the best way for your group to visit.

The best time to visit the eagles is spring through mid-summer and fall through early winter. We make decisions about tours that are for the well-being of the eagles. We try to avoid the added stress of having visitors during the height of summer heat in Oklahoma or extreme winter conditions. These are also the times most people prefer to avoid spending extended time outdoors. Our main viewing area is outdoors, so keep that in mind when scheduling a visit.

Absolutely not, everyone is welcome to come visit. One of our goals is to reconnect people to the living Eagle while sharing who we are as a people and the importance of the Eagle in our culture and ceremonies to this day.

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