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Ancestral Potawatomi Games

Since time immemorial, Potawatomi have come together to build community through traditional games such as zhoshke’nayabo (snow snake), gwzege’wen (bowl and dice), and mamkeznéwen (moccasin). In an effort to bring these social games into the public arena, we’ve built digital versions of each.

In zhoshke’nayabo, you play as one of two characters, choose between multiple colorful “snakes”, and compete to throw the furthest.

In gwzege’wen, you compete against the CPU to get the highest score by throwing a number of tokens and totems in a bowl. It seems like a game of chance at first, but a skilled player can get their totem to stand on its edge, winning the game in one throw.

Mamkeznéwen is a lot like the modern shell game, only you aren’t following a ball in a cup. Your opponent hides a small ball under a moccasin, and it’s your job to determine which moccasin it is hidden under. Remember to keep an eye on your opponent! They might accidentally give something away.

Below you can find the links to download the games to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device! PC version coming soon.