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The Potawatomi language is a common thread, tying together the culture and history of the Bodewadmi. The CPN Language Department’s mission is to create resources so people can use and speak the language without fear.

Online Courses

The CPN Language Department offers several online, self-paced language courses for different skill levels — Beginner I, Beginner II and Intermediate, each one more challenging than the last. They are designed to be completed in order. Online students will enroll and receive a confirmation prior to logging in to begin. The program performs best on a desktop computer using a Safari or Google Chrome web browser for full access to games and other features.

The Language Department built these resources as a way to make Bodewadmimwen engaging and accessible. They encourage students online or in person to have fun and make mistakes as a natural part of the learning process. The language is a gift from Mamogosnan, the Creator, designed to be used and passed along. Learning however and whenever possible honors our Potawatomi ancestors and fulfills an important task of reconnecting to our culture.

Email jneely@potawatomi.org for additional questions and information.

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Potawatomi Dictionary

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The online Potawatomi Dictionary is a vital source of vocabulary and pronunciation of the Potawatomi language. With the ability to search in both Potawatomi and English, the dictionary contains more than 9,000 words and phrases, and features hundreds of present-day and archival recordings.

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Cultural Teachings

Throughout the online children’s language course, users will watch videos made by the CPN Language Department called Teachings with Mesho. Using puppets, viewers learn cultural lessons about music, colors, animals, games and more. All of the videos are also available on YouTube.

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Lifelong Learning

Quiz your knowledge with our Bodewadmimwen and Potawatomi quizlets.


Start learning on the go with the Mango languages app.


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