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Kawkawkay was a headman among the Indiana Potawatomi. For reasons unknown, his position as a leader and role within tribal councils had been dismissed by 1837. When asked if he was a chief his reply was, “I once was, but now I am a dog.” Records suggest that Kawkawkay was neutral on the terms of removal west and his name …


Giwani was a headman and warrior of the Wabash Potawatomi. He was one of many Potawatomi who resisted William Henry Harrison’s encroachment on Native lands at the Battle of Tippecanoe and War of 1812. Present-day Lake Bruce, Indiana was the site of his village and important removal negotiations during the 1830s. Giwani’s name can be found among the treaties drafted …

Kishki [Cedar]

Cedar is used to bless, purify and protect. Potawatomi use cedar and its smoke in our ceremonies to defend from and combat evil spirits.