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Yazhwango’gen [Bandolier Bag]

15in W x 40in L

Loom-beaded central panel worked in bilateral angular arrangements of stylized floriforms. Central pattern is enclosed by zigzag bands and beaded yarn tassels. The bag strap has a similar worked style, over a black velvet and partial-beaded panel of vines and blossoms.

Among the Potawatomi and other Neshnabé communities, bandolier bags are considered medicine bags. Worn during Midewiwin observances and ceremonies, the bags are used to carry spiritual objects. Contemporarily, bandolier bags are worn as regalia during inter-tribal gatherings and Powwows, to highlight the wearer’s Woodland heritage.


Citizen Potawatomi Nation Cultural Heritage Center: Collections and Research Division. 2000.039.01

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