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Darling Family

The Darling family’s Potawatomi ties began with the marriage of Elizabeth Ouilmette and Lucius (Louis) Ripley Darling. Darling was of Scottish and Irish descent and operated a ferry. He married Elizabeth on July 15, 1836. She was the daughter of Antoine, known as one of the first residents of Chicago, and Archange Chevalier Ouilmette. Archange’s mother, Chopa, was the daughter …

Dgwaget [Autumn]

Literally meaning “a shortening of the days,” dgwaget was a time of harvest and final preparation for winter. Food and supplies collected during the warmer months were readied for storage and travel. To honor the season and Creator for what was provided, Potawatomi hosted feasts and ceremonies during the Moons of autumn. Autumn held more moons than the other seasons …