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Dgwaget [Autumn]

Literally meaning “a shortening of the days,” dgwaget was a time of harvest and final preparation for winter. Food and supplies collected during the warmer months were readied for storage and travel. To honor the season and Creator for what was provided, Potawatomi hosted feasts and ceremonies during the Moons of autumn.

Autumn held more moons than the other seasons and each had many names. For many communities, the transition from summer to fall was known as Nibnegises (Ripening Moon). Crops planted in spring yielded a bounty of vegetables and a variety of nuts [acorns, chestnuts and beechnuts] were gathered from village orchards. This was also the time when women of the Human Clan harvested nakneshk (bulrushes) to make lodge mats, bags and clothing. Others observed Zawbogyagises (Leaves Turn Yellow Moon) and still others recognized Bnakwigizes (Falling Leaf Moon).


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