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Massaw was an influential and distinguished woman among the Wabash Potawatomi. Her presence and words carried weight in councils, a right customarily reserved for men. She descended from a line of leadership, as her father Wassato was also a respected ogema (leader). Massaw resided in the village of headman Giwani, her cabin reserved for the mediation of both tribal and …

Metea [To Sulk]

Metea was a highly celebrated warrior and leader among the Indiana and Illinois Potawatomi. His village, known as MeskwawasebyĆ©ton, was located near Fort Wayne, Indiana. As a warrior, Metea was instrumental in numerous campaigns against the encroaching Americans. He was an active leader during the War of 1812 and a valued ally to Shawnee leader Tecumseh. His reputation as a …

Mshkeke mzen’egen [Medical Journal]

13in L x 8.5in W x 1.5in H The 234-page medical journal was researched and recorded by Joseph Napoleon Bourassa, who studied medicine at the Choctaw Academy and had close relationships with traditional medicine men before and after removal. Listed are health conditions and their medicinal therapies. Each treatment is recorded as a recipe, noting wild plants harvested and processed. …