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Péski’a [Double-ball]

Similar to pegnegewen [stick ball], péski’a or double-ball is a Potawatomi sport played traditionally by women. Played for recreation, communal prestige, spiritual reverence and healing, bagjegejek [players] are equipped with their own bagwzhanatek [ball stick] and divided amongst two even teams based on their moiety, shkesh [first-born] and kishko [second-born].

Péski’a [double-ball] is played on a large open field, with a goal post at each end. Using their customized sticks, bagjegejek [players] attempt to score points by catching, carrying and throwing a nishopkwakwet [double ball] at an opponent’s goal post, the first team to score 12 points wins. Played throughout the year, customary feasts are hosted to prepare and accumulate prizes for upcoming games. Customarily, only adult women could play, due to extreme physical gameplay.

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