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Fox Wars

Led by prominent warriors Mackisabe, the elder Winemac and Madouche, the Potawatomi, along with allied France and other Great Lakes nations, enlisted to quell disruptive Meskwaki [Fox] attacks on the lucrative western fur trade and neighboring tribes. Angered that their Siouan enemies acquired weapons and supplies via the trade network, the Meskwaki [Fox] raided, killed and pillaged villages, merchants, and trade routes for two decades, implementing full-scale retaliation.

Despite numerous attempts to draw peace, the allied forces decided genocide was the only solution forcing the Meskwaki [Fox] to seek refuge among the Sauk. However, as the plan began to materialize and the Meskwaki [Fox] were reduced to less than sixty warriors, Potawatomi and other tribes took pity on the decimated people and came to their aid, providing security and delegating for peace.


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