Ogemakwe mtekwakik: Queen of the Forest, a northern female Bald Eagle, came to us from Nebraska as a Sub-Adult that still had some brown marking on her head and tail feathers. She was found near a highway where it appeared she had been grounded for several days; she had most likely been struck by a vehicle. She was taken to Raptor Recovery Nebraska for treatment of her injuries. Unfortunately she had a broken wing that could not be repaired and required surgery to remove to tip of her wing. Once her injuries had healed, Betsy Finch of RRN reached out to the CPN Aviary seeking placement. Betsy expressed that she had quite a personality and that she had become quite fond of the bird during treatment and thought she would fit in well here at the CPN. Betsy also had a first year juvenile that also needed placement and agreed to come get them both. The long drive to bring them home was made by Aviary Assistant Director, Bree Dunham and CHC Director, Kelli Mosteller. Both birds and CPN staff arrived in good shape on July 4th, 2013.

“Oge” earned her name shortly after she arrived when she tried to take over as the dominant female in the enclosure. She would chase other eagles from their perch and would often take food from them. She has settled in well and she no longer has to chase eagles from their perches. Everyone knows where the Queen sits.