Flo, an adult female Bald Eagle, was one of the first eight eagles to call the CPN Aviary their permanent home when she arrived just before the aviary opened in June of 2012. She was found injured in Florida after colliding with a vehicle. She was transferred here after being treated at the Florida Audubon Society Rehabilitation Center. The nickname Flo stuck when she arrived. However, the following spring she began nest building and laid an egg. She was the first eagle to lay an egg at the aviary, although the egg was not fertile, she was given the new Potawatomi name Nétem-nos: First Mother.

Initially, she was a timid bird and seemed uneasy in this new space. But today that fact no longer defines her. She greets visitors on her favorite perch as she bats her wings making sure she is seen. Flo is a head strong eagle that can be very territorial, especially during nesting season. She can be seen regularly sharing space with Archer and is one of the few females who spend time near the office viewing window. She is partially flighted and on windy days she uses that added lift to fly from side to side of the half round enclosure.