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Méznakwe’gémgek [Printing Press]

64in L x 45in W x 48in H The Chandler and Price printing press was used at Sacred Heart Mission and later St. Gregory’s University. The press was used to print religious and educational materials, notices and one of the earliest publications in Oklahoma, the Indian Advocate. The printing press is on loan from the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art and …

Mission Hill Hospital

In early 2019, the Citizen Potawatomi Nation and the Pottawatomie Board of County Commissioners reached an agreement regarding approximately 20 acres of land known as the Mission Hill property. Pottawatomie County Commissioners conveyed the property to Citizen Potawatomi Nation. Pottawatomie County was given the property under the mandatory legal requirement that it would be used by the county exclusively for …

Mjegodé [Dress]

23in W x 45in L The dress was made by Citizen Potawatomi tribal member Julia Navarre and worn by Eva L. Navarre, Viola A. Navarre and granddaughter Gladys B. Small. It is made of a light brown cotton material and yarn [white, orange, red and green]. A handwritten note that was donated with the dress reads, “dress worn by Eva …

Mjegodé [Wedding Dress]

50in L x 21in W x 21in D The wedding dress was worn by tribal member Mary Anderson when she married Antoine Bourbonnais around 1855. The dress is made of leather and decorated with beadwork and tapestry. The mjegode’ [wedding dress] is part of the permanent collection and on exhibition at the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Cultural Heritage Center.

Mtegwab [Bow]

63.5in L x 2.5in H x 1.25in W The long bow was crafted by tribal member Thomas Melot in the 1930s from wood known as Bois d’arc or commonly Osage orange. The mtegwab [bow] is over five feet in length and has a central grip. The bow is part of the permanent collection and on exhibition at the Citizen Potawatomi …