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A.B.L.E. Commission Litigation

In 2011, the State of Oklahoma sued the Citizen Potawatomi Nation asserting the CPN had no right to sell alcohol on Sundays at tribal enterprises. Referencing a 2004 gaming compact signed by the CPN, the state of Oklahoma argued that, because the CPN violated conditions of the compact, it could revoke CPN licenses to sell alcohol through the Alcoholic Beverage …

Apté-Nibné-gizes [Mid-Summer Moon]

Life for Potawatomi people has always been grounded in natural cycles. This was especially so when Potawatomi communities relied upon the seasons for their yearly hunt and harvest. Activities were guided, in part, by the month (lunar cycle) of the year. These months are referred to as Gizek [Moons]. Niben [Summer] was understood as a time of plenty. It was …