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Wadasé Zhabwé (Brave Breakthrough)

Meet Wadasé Zhabwé, a juvenile Bald Eagle whose new name means Brave Breakthrough. That name was given to her prior to her release on April 16, 2013, when she helped the CPN achieve a world’s first. She was originally transferred as a non-releasable eagle in June of 2012, who had injured her wing earlier that year when she fell out of her nest in Florida. She began to fly shortly after her arrival at the CPN and it became clear she could be released. With special permission from USFWS, the CPN Aviary became the first Native American Eagle Aviary to release an eagle that was banded and fitted with a GPS telemetry backpack harness. With this data, we are able to observe her progress as she learns to hunt and fish and know that she is thriving in the wild. She continues to visit the aviary, although, not as much as she did when she was released. W typically see her the beginning of fall for a few days. Her telemetry stopped transmitting on November 9th, 2019. After searching the area with no luck, we assumed the backpack must have fallen into the river nearby. However, during her last visit, we were shocked to see the backpack still on her, but the antennae was missing. It is a blessing to have her visit and we hope to see her for many years to come.

Release of Eagle from Citizen Potawatomi Nation Eagle Aviary

Wadasé Zhabwé four years in the wild

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