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Medicine Wheel

Our bmadzewen [existence] is built on a sacred principle of four. Our medicines, lifecycles, directional powers, and the creation and destruction of worlds are connected through this belief, symbolized by our medicine wheel.

Color: White [each color represents the four races of man Creator placed on earth]
Direction: Wech-ksenyak [North]
Season: Bbon [Winter]
Life Cycle: Elder
Medicine: Wishkpemishkos [Sweetgrass]
Element: Wind


Color: Red
Direction: Wech-gshatek [South]
Season: Niben [Summer]
Life Cycle: Youth/Adolescence
Medicine: Kishki [Cedar]
Element: Earth


Color: Yellow
Direction: Wech-mokek [East]
Season: Mnokme [Spring]
Life Cycle: Birth/Childhood
Medicine: Sema [Tobacco]
Element: Fire


Color: Black
Direction: Wech-bgeshmok [West]
Season: Dgwaget [Autumn]
Life Cycle: Adulthood
Medicine: Mbwakawnene [Sage]
Element: Water

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