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Mzenchegen [Statue]

15.5in H x 12in W The bronze statue titled, The Future Begins Now, was created by CPN tribal member Clyde B. Slavin in 2004. It depicts an important portion of the Neshnabé/Bodéwadmi Flood story, where the Muskrat places a piece of earth on the Turtle’s back to create a new world. Note from the artist reads: The Future Begins Now, …

Shonyawabek [Wristbands]

2.75in L x 2.5in W x 1.5in H The wristbands were crafted by professional silver worker and tribal member Bill Madole. Engraved in each is a turtle, expressing the importance of the turtle in Potawatomi culture. The wristbands are on loan from Bill Madole and on exhibition at the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Cultural Heritage Center.

Wishkpemishkos [Sweetgrass Braid]

73in L x 4in W x 4in H The sweetgrass braid was woven by and a gift from the Walpole Island First Nation to the Citizen Potawatomi Nation. It was presented to Citizen Potawatomi Nation Chairman, John A. Barrett, from Walpole Island First Nation Chief, Daniel R. Miskokomon, at the Tribal Leaders’ Meeting on July 29, 2016. The sweetgrass braid …

Yazhwango’gen [Bandolier Bag]

15in W x 40in L Loom-beaded central panel worked in bilateral angular arrangements of stylized floriforms. Central pattern is enclosed by zigzag bands and beaded yarn tassels. The bag strap has a similar worked style, over a black velvet and partial-beaded panel of vines and blossoms. Among the Potawatomi and other Neshnabé communities, bandolier bags are considered medicine bags. Worn …