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Diary of William Polke – Saturday, 10 Nov. 1838

Saturday, 10 Nov. 1838 “The settlements with the teamsters and officers were concluded today.Tomorrow we set out for home every thing having resulted as well and as happily as could have been anticipated by the most sanguine.” “I believe the foregoing journal to be correct in every thing pertaining to distances, localities, etc., etc.” J.C. Douglass,Enroll. Agent Scale of Distances …

Diary of William Polke – Wednesday, 7 Nov. 1838

Wednesday, 7 Nov. 1838 Diary of William Polke “Travelled from Bulltown encampment to McLean’s Grove, a distance of twenty five miles. It had snowed the night previous and continued most of the day, which was very windy and excessively cold. But a small number of the teams kept in company—most of them selecting their own routes.”

Diary of William Polke – Saturday, 29 Sept. 1838

Saturday, 29 Sept. 1838 “In order to pass Springfield at as early an hour as possible, we rose before light, and at 8 o’clock were on our way. The Indians amongst whom a degree of pride was excited, arranged themselves into line, and with an unusual display of finery and gaudy trumpery marched through the streets of Springfield.” “The wayfares …

Diary of William Polke – Saturday, 15 Sept. 1838

Saturday, 15 Sept. 1838 “Early on this morning we were on our way, and travelled without interruption unit 12 o’clock. When we arrived at an unhealthy and filthy looking stream, at which, from the reports of the citizens of the country, we were forced to encamp. The young men among the Indians during the afternoon, to the number of twenty-five, …