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Negos Gkéndaswen: Star Knowledge
From Mnwate (Dgwaget 2023)

Bgwenegizhek (Hole in the Sky)

Since the beginning of time, Bodéwadmi have looked to the stars for answers and enlightenment. When creator instructed Original Man, known to us as Nishnabé, to seek out Dbekgises (Grandmother Moon), Nishnabé used the stars to guide his path.

Take time this dgwaget to star gaze and search for the bgwenegizhek (Hole in the Sky). It can be found in the ancient Greek constellation of Pleiades.

Hole in the sky refers to jiskan (shaking tent), one of our oldest healing ceremonies. To cure the sick, a jesakid (medicine person) must communicate and connect with spirits. To make these connections, a special lodge or tent is built that serves as the doorway to the spirit world. Traditionally, seven poles were used to frame the tent, each pole connected to a star in the bgwenégizhek constellation. The empty region in the center of the constellation — or “Hole in the Sky” — is the open door that spirits pass through on their way to the jiskan. These connections were so powerful that the tent would shake and strange sounds were heard from within.

Depiction of the bgwenegizhet (hole in the sky) constellation.