The Gathering of Potawatomi Nations is hosted each summer by one of the nine bands of Potawatomi, providing an opportunity for members of all bands to come together and celebrate their Potawatomi heritage. It includes a language conference, cultural workshops, youth events, crafting classes, sporting events and language classes.

Gathering begins with the lighting of the fire that burns for four days. The first day often begins with a tribal council meeting between officials in attendance. A sunrise ceremony is held each morning, creating a fantastic opportunity to meet and connect with other Potawatomi. Gathering has myriad activities for all ages and interests.

Each host has the opportunity to make the event unique, highlighting their own heritage and teaching other bands what makes them distinct. The nine bands you will meet are:

  • Citizen
  • Forest County
  • Gun Lake Tribe
  • Hannahville
  • Nottawaseppi Huron
  • Pokagon Band
  • Prairie Band
  • Walpole Island
  • Wasuksing

Many tribes, including the Citizen band, will provide transportation for their members, but they are responsible for their own lodging, meals and incidentals. Please learn about this year's Gathering of Nations, hosted by Citizen Potawatomi Nation at