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Wishkpemishkos [Sweet Grass]

Sweet grass and its smoke are used for purification. It is considered a gift from and the hair of Mother Earth, gathered and braided to pay homage.


Similar to quoits, the precursor to modern horseshoes, Yuhyouhtchechick and its sub-forms are a popular traditional game played by tribes throughout the United States. Each tribe has their own respective rules and equipment, but all are played in similar fashion. Within Potawatomi communities, each player pitches a pre-determined number of small flat stones at an upright target, the winner having …

Zhoshke’nayabo [Snow Snake]

During Bbongises [Snow Moon] Potawatomi and other Great Lakes tribes play a centuries old sport called Zhoshke’nayabo or Snowsnake. Typically played by men and boys, snowsnake is not only for amusement, but for spiritual and therapeutic means. It is thought that the comradery amongst players remedies the sick. Games can last for several hours and are played individually or as …