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Diary of William Polke – Sunday, 9 Sept. 1838

Sunday, 9 Sept. 1838

“Physicians came into camp today, and reported three hundred cases of sickness, generally of a temporary character, and which they are of opinion, may be removed by a two-day course of medicine. A kind of medical hospital has been erected today, which is likely to facilitate the course of medical regime proposed by the physicians. A child died today. The priest formerly attached to the Catholics among the Pottawattamies asked and obtained leave to say mass today and perform the ceremonies of his church in camp. The rites are now being performed.”

“This Evening Sidney Williams and Wm. T. Polke, who had been dispatched in pursuit of the Indians, who escaped from Chippeway, returned, having reconnoitered the villages and cornfields on the reserve without receiving and intelligence of the fugitives. They brought into camp three Indian horses which they had found on the road. A child died since dark.”