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July 7, 2016
Wadase update: November 2016
December 21, 2016

Where in Oklahoma has Wadase been?


Six miles is the closest Wadasé Zhabwé has been to the aviary since February 9, 2016. While we would love have her stop by and visit, we know from her telemetry that she continues to do well on her own. Recording flights nearly a mile high and speeds in excess of 50 mph, her telemetry data still proves to be as invaluable today as it is reassuring.

Looking at the telemetry data as a whole since her release you can see she has stayed in the central portion of the state. Although she has ventured further to the north and south in that third portion than to the east or west, she has never left the state. She continues to move along the North Canadian River in an area north of Highway 62. Her average distance from the aviary since we last saw her is less than 17 miles. We are hopeful her telemetry will remain on for an extended time after learning of another bald eagle that was released as a juvenile and has been wearing the same telemetry for nearly eight years. For more information about Wadasé or the other eagles at the aviary, check in frequently with our blog and the Citizen Potawatomi Nation's Cultural Heritage Center Facebook page.


Jennifer Randall, Aviary Manager

Jennifer Randell
Jennifer Randell
Jennifer Randell is the manager of the CPN Aviary.

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  1. Sheila Hughes says:

    Very elated to read and hear Wadase has found her mate and will, hopefully, nest here! Spectacular !

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