The Citizen Potawatomi Nation’s Tribal Heritage Productions is an award-winning audiovisual department that produces creative, multimedia projects to educate and explain the histories of the Potawatomi people. The department is dedicated to providing the latest in video production techniques to create museum exhibits, documentary projects and narrative film.

With the addition of digital displays throughout the Cultural Heritage Center, the department’s skill set has evolved from only audio and visual and now includes 3D animations, motion graphics and the latest in film production techniques. Production Manager Shawn Barfield and Production Coordinator Jessica McQueen are dedicated to creating media the community will value and cherish for generations.

Every year at Family Reunion Festival, the department conducts interviews of each Honored Family. During these interviews, families tell stories, recall history and more for the Nation’s historical records and for future generations.

More recently, the Tribal Heritage Production team created an 11-part documentary series highlighting each gallery in the Cultural Heritage Center. Various CPN employees and tribal members participated in interviews about their involvement in the creation of the museum within the CHC.

Additionally, the team has had a hand in almost every gallery within the museum. Team leader, Shawn Barfield, helped design and create the drawings seen on the digital interactives on the museum floor, bringing each image to life. The department’s dedication to visual storytelling is visible in each project, whether it is capturing family histories or creating imagery that represents Potawatomi past and present.

If you have a story to share, we would love to hear from you.

Shawn Barfield

Audio/Video Production Manager

(405) 878-5830