Gete Neshnabek Zhechgéwen

Since the dawn of time, the Potawatomi have had a deep respect for nature. The people put a strong emphasis on community and thankfulness, being grateful for the gifts and knowledge bestowed upon the Potawatomi by the Creator.

CHC’s third gallery Gete Neshnabek Zhechgéwen evokes the senses and highlights the balance held between the Potawatomi and earth and the pieces of culture kept alive despite centuries of unrest, including activities such as hand games, fishing and hunting as well as traditional medicines and teachings.

The Potawatomi interact with the world in concurrent cycles of four, understanding that physical and spiritual realms are always in motion. The sacred medicines, lifecycles, directional powers and the creation and destruction of worlds progress on this principle. The Gete Neshnabek Zhechgéwen gallery features a wigwam as well as four interactive displays that help teach about Potawatomi medicine, the four directions, traditional hand games and star knowledge.

This gallery brings traditional Potawatomi teachings and pre-European lifeways into a 21st-century format. Modern technology throughout engages all five senses. Visitors can utilize three other digital interactives featured in this gallery to learn about Potawatomi medicines and the four directions as well as play traditional hand games. Bring the whole family to the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Cultural Heritage Center, and enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the vast, varied history of North America and the Potawatomi people.