The Citizen Potawatomi Nation Tribal Heritage Productions utilizes digital video, still photography, audio recordings, and archival documentation to share and preserve the stories of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation founding families. Building on oral tradition that is central to Native American culture, digital recordings allow us to reference lessons and histories from those who came before. Tribal Heritage Productions has produced the Family Video Series as an introduction for exploring family histories. Each episode focuses on a specific Citizen Potawatomi family who had immigrated to Indian Territory, contemporarily known as Oklahoma.

Housed in the tribe's Cultural Heritage Center, Tribal Heritage Productions has received local and national attention for being the first of its kind in Indian Country.

Tribal Heritage Productions invites you, as tribal members, to help preserve your families' legacies. If you or your family members have photos, documents, other relevant information, and/or are interested in recording an interview, please contact Tribal Heritage Productions.

Shawn Barfield

Audio/Video Production Manager

(405) 878-5830